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    1. Come Join Me on this Journey!

    1. A Crucial Mindset Shift

    2. Mindset Shift: Test your learning

    3. Manage Two Simultaneous Negotiations

    4. The Two Negotiations: Test your learning

    5. Focus on the "Why"

    6. The "Why": Test your learning

    7. Asking Good Questions

    8. Good Questions: Test your learning

    9. Using Benchmarks to Claim Value

    10. Benchmarks: Test your learning

    1. How to Implement these Ideas

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Peter Hiddema

Peter is Founder and Principal of Common Outlook Consulting Inc. Building on his association with the Harvard Negotiation Project, Peter has taught and consulted around the world on negotiation and conflict management since 1996. He works with leading global companies, and has also worked with public-sector agencies including the World Health Organization. Peter also teaches executives via Queen's University in Canada, has been a Visiting Professor in France and Singapore at INSEAD business school, and has taught programs at Harvard University.